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Put the Kick back into footballAim:

The aim of the workshop is to provide coaches with ideas on how to use kicking in training games that can used in place of hand passing drills that improve football skills.

  • Introduce games that provide the opportunity use kicking as the main feature of play.
  • Display the ability to deliver accurate passing over distance
  • Provide match situations with high intensity that promote excellent kicking technique
  • Games that can influence the exercise intensity for improved fitness during training.
  • Changing the training stimulus in games through altering pitch area, player number conditions to promote kicking. .

Specific games for different positional areas of the team (e.g. games that encourage forwards to make unselfish runs to create space for team mates).

The course is primarily aimed at coaches of child teams (U13 & younger). Coaches of all teams are of course welcome.

Tutor: Tony Scullion
Venue: Skerries Harps GAA Club
Date: Friday 8th April 2016 @ 7.30pm

Fee: €5

Duration: 2 hours minimum.

Methodology: Field based presentations, during which coaches will gain experience through practical coaching skills, drills & conditioned games Development squad players will perform the various activities. (Observation)

Equipment required: Footballs, Cones, Bibs & Grid Poles